Three Ways To Control Your Ego And Stop Thinking So Much (Without Having To Meditate)

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Pierre Wendy Emmanuel

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1. Do any acts of kindness in one day, once a week for six weeks.

Studies show that when we do good deeds frequently, we actually start to experience a “helper’s high.” How’s that for a benefit? You don’t just get out of your head, you get high! Doing good deeds can actually make you happier and less depressed and can lessen aches and pains. As human beings, we all want to contribute to something bigger than just ourselves. Doing something nice for others is like a salve that soothes some angst and quiets the ego. Do you feel too busy to help someone out? You don’t have to volunteer for hours, even though that would be great. You could buy the person standing behind you in line a cup of coffee, pay for someone’s parking meter anonymously, give someone an authentic compliment, leave a positive quote sticky note on someone’s desk or just be present and listen instead of multitasking.

2. Practice gratitude.

When we’re consumed with our thoughts, gratitude helps give us perspective and expand our attention beyond just what’s wrong. Shawn Achor, happiness expert and author of Before Happinesspoints out that, at any one second, your body is receiving over 11 million bits of information from your nerve endings and your brain can only process about 40 bits. What that means is that there’s more information available out there to help you assess your reality. There’s another way to see your situation and another way for you to be. If you’re feeling stuck in your head or at the mercy of your ego, a dose of gratitude will help. Try writing down three things you’re grateful for once a day for a week, and notice what you notice. By intentionally steering your attention with gratitude, you don’t leave yourself at the whim of your ego.

3. Take responsibility.

Whenever I find myself feeling like a victim, (“Ugh, I’m always stuck cleaning up and will never have real me-time!”) I pause. Sometimes it takes a while to get to this part. But eventually, I say, “Okay, what role did I play in creating these circumstances?” or “How can I look at this differently and show up differently next time?” Recognizing that I played a part in something I’m not happy with, oddly, gives me a sense of control because I know I can make a new decision to achieve another outcome. This also helps soothe any negative feelings you may have towards other, realizing that it’s not all their fault.

When it comes to getting out of your head and overcoming your ego, the key is to have some go-to exercises that resonate with you and, ideally, that you practice regularly. Just like you go to the gym to get physically in shape, you must also practice getting your mind in shape. And, just as there are infinite ways to build strong muscles, there are infinite ways for you to conquer your mind. You just have to test out some methods and see what you like best. Start with one or all three of the above, and see what works for you.

As people continue to live longer and often healthier lives, the need to work longer will also increase. This longevity concept thus presents an opportunity and responsibility for governments, employers, and people of all ages to reimagine what it means to earn and learn over a lifetime.

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Three Ways To Control Your Ego And Stop Thinking So Much (Without Having To Meditate)

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